Harmony Horsemanship

 Virtual Competition

May Show

May 17th Patterns released, Submissions close Sunday May 31st at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).
Final Results released Friday June 8th.

July Show

July 15th Patterns released, Submissions close July 31st at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).
Final Results released Friday August 7th.

September Show

September 15th Patterns released, Submissions close October 2 at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).
Final Results released Friday October 9th.

 Steps on How to Participate

Step 1. Become a Harmony Horsemanship Member

Please note that a Harmony Horsemanship Member is not the same thing as being in the Connection Club. HH Members belong to the organization and can take part in the AGM, student levels, and HH Meet-Ups. Connection Club members follow founder, Lindsey Partridge, in a monthly club getting new videos each month to educate and inspire

Step 2. Pick a Level

Pick a level above to register in or Inside the HH Membership Portal, click “Virtual Shows” and select the level you would like to work on. Review the patterns, and register in the level. 


Step 3. Upload videos

ONLY using Google Drive. We want links submitted via Google Drive on the website. So a video collaboration can be done. 

Step 4. Complete the Horse Knowledge Test.

Complete the test within inside the Membership Portal for Your Level


Step 5. (Our Step) Put all videos together

We will put all the videos together with commentary to be uploaded to YouTube so the public can watch them just like a normal horse show. We will announce the placings on our Facebook page 


Each Student Level consists of a Ground Work, Building Confidence, and the Horse Knowledge Test. There is an optional Riding test as some people only work their equines on the ground (for example minis). 

    • Within each Level, every class will be scored individually. The Riding class will receive ribbons for placing’s 1st through 6th. Building Confidence and Ground Work classes will receive a certificate for placings 1st through 6th, and the combined scores of Building Confidence and Ground Work will receive ribbons for placings 1st through 6th. The Horse Knowledge Test will receive a pass or fail grade. 
    • Everyone who passes a full level (Ground Work, Building Confidence and Horse Knowledge Test (with optional Riding test) earns their Harmony Horsemanship Student Level certificate and student level prize. Each level has a different student prize. Students earn their student level prize once (so if you pass all the tests on the first show, you will receive your student level prize and will not earn another student level prize until you move up to the next level). To pass the student level, you need an average score of 80% or higher in each class. 

    Student level prizes may include (and are subject to change based):

    • Level 1 – Treat pouch,
    • Level 2 – reusable grocery tote,
    • Level 3 – Travel mug,
    • Level 4- Shoulder bag, 
    • Level 5 – safety knife.

    Champion and Reserve Champions will be named for each Level and will receive a prize which may include:

    the research based Omega Alpha Equine supplements, the all natural and effective Espana Silk Grooming products, or the impact protection equipment from ThinLine. The placings are determined as the average score for the classes within a level. For example if someone competes in Ground Work, Building Confidence, and Riding their overall score is from all 3 classes, or if someone did Ground Work and Building Confidence without Riding it will average from the 2 score


    Series end prizes will include a ribbon and prizes from our generous sponsors.  

    Pros and Students

    Pros and Students will be judged separately receiving their own set of prizes. 

    Need help?

    Connect with a Harmony Horsemanship Instructor to help you with your student levels and movements. Questions about the shows? 


    You are responsible for the safety of yourself, your horse, and the environment around you. Ensure your horse is enclosed in a safe area with safe fencing, that you have a support person that can assist you if needed, and work with your horse within your own limits. Check your equipment is safe and fits. Check your footing, fencing, and weather conditions of your area. Harmony Horsemanship Inc. is not responsible for any accidents, damages, o


    • Placement of Camera: needs to be as indicated on the pattern chart. No editing, zooming in/out or adding music allowed. Your video needs to contain sound and be in the “raw” format. The horse and human need to stay visible for the entire pattern. Ideally, someone can film your pattern to ensure you fit within the video frame at all times. If you don’t have someone to film, consider getting this unit which is $120, and can be used to track you, it works indoors and is simple to set up. 
    • It is okay to have someone call out your pattern to you.
    • Building Confidence tasks can be completed ridden or in hand unless otherwise specified within the pattern.
    • Videos that have been edited will not be scored.
    • Going off course from the pattern will result in a 0 for all elements after time you go off course. For example, if you complete tasks 1 through 5 correctly and go off course at 6, then you will receive a score for tasks 1-5 and will not be scored for 6 and beyond.
    • Horse abuse including excessive whipping, spurring, or yanking will be eliminated.
    • Attire: Dress neat, tidy, clean, and appropriate footwear. Helmets should be worn if riding, mandatory if 18 or under. Western or English dress and tack are acceptable. You do not need “show” attire, but it is recommended to dress professionally looking with a collared long-sleeved shirt (can be one of the athletic long sleeve sun shirts).

    • Tack: English or Western tack is acceptable. Any tack that is comfortable for your horse and appropriately fitted (and safe) is acceptable. Recommended to be neat and tidy. Leg wraps are acceptable. No gag bits, no mechanical aids that force the horse into a “shape” such as draw reins, side reins, tie downs, etc. Use of chains on the horse (including in the mouth, over the nose, or under the chin) are not permitted. Yanking on the horse’s face with any type of equipment will receive deductions. You may use a whip and/or neck rope for liberty and/or bridleless. 
    • Horsemanship Impression Score: You will receive a score out of 10 for your overall impression score which includes how you present yourself and your horse (your tack and attire for being safe, fitted, clean, and presentable). 
    • If you have a grievance for your score or an entry, email info@harmonyhorsemanship.ca within 24hrs of scores being released. After such time all scores are final.
    • There are no refunds for entries.
    • Shipping to USA and Canada for prizes is included in your entries. Entries in other countries may have additional shipping fees to receive prizes.

    Need help?

    Connect with a Harmony Horsemanship Instructor to help you with your student levels and movements. Questions about the shows?